Curry Night @ The Deck Ridgeback Wines,

Ridgeback Report – March 2015

“Tiny berries with great concentration and structure” is how I will remember the 2015 vintage which is now nearing its end.

The harvest was particularly early, very definitely the earliest in the 15 years that I have been at Ridgeback and this proved to be beneficial to the white varieties which were all safely fermenting in the cellar before any excessive heat could affect their delicate flavours.

The red wines seemed to benefit from a drier growing season with the resultant tiny berries bursting with flavour. It was a viticultural season where well timed irrigation was critical and meant the difference in the fine line between concentrated flavours and stressed fruit. Now as our last beautiful wines ferment in tank before being racked to barrel it is amazing to think that we have finished almost a month earlier than last year, just once again showing that you never seem to see that elusive “normal vintage”.

This is what makes the pleasure of winemaking so special… you are always aware that you are merely guiding nature into the bottle and are privileged to do so. It may still be early days for the 2015 vintage, but I definitely see this as one for the collection. The good concentration and structure throughout our red wines mean that they will have abundant body to age well. The fruity Sauvignon Blanc on the other hand is mouthwatering and inviting you to start enjoying it very shortly.

Our barrel fermented Chenin Blanc and Viognier wines are showing great complexity as well as that creamy mouthfeel which we strive for each year. This was truly an amazing harvest. We hope to share all these great flavours and stories with you at your next visit to our tasting room.

Regards, Toit and the team.