Ridgeback Wines

Welcome to the online home of Ridgeback Wines, one of the premier wine estates in Southern Africa. Ridgeback Wines offers you, the wine lover and/or connoisseur, a wine-tasting and enjoyment experience that is rooted in award-winning quality, as evidenced by an extensive list of accolades.

We have taken great care to ensure our vineyards are of the highest calibre. All vines are secured on high trellises, and a great deal of time is spent ensuring that the soils have the optimum mineral and moisture content. We believe that a large part of making great wine occurs in the vineyards before the grapes enter the cellar. We are proud to say that the fruits of our labour have been very successful.

Why “Ridgeback Wines”?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog originates from Southern Africa, where legends and stories abound of their exploits and bravery in the African bushveld. Their tenacity and ruggedness are symbolic of the pioneering spirit of Africa. The pedigree, character and stature of this impressive animal are reflected in our full bodied red wine which will continue to mature, if carefully cellared, for up to 10 years.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog was originally used for lion hunting, and embodies the strength and quality of the farm’s red wines. Today, the breed has a rich pedigree and is admired by owners and enthusiasts around the world. The farm’s main brand name, Ridgeback, is derived from the Ridgeback dogs that are kept on the farm.

The Ridgeback Wines Environment

Ridgeback Wines is situated in the northern part of the picturesque town of Paarl in the Western Cape, on the northern slopes of the magnificent Paarl mountain. The farm extends over an area of 65 hectares. Retaining the rich heritage of the countryside’s proteas and fynbos, which flourish in the region, is a priority that we are deeply and continuously committed to. Our vineyards are amongst the finest in the Cape, and our winery, which overlooks a small dam, is home to an abundance of water fowl which add to the beauty and peaceful ambience of this tranquil environment.

A total of 35 hectares are currently under vine with the potential to increase the capacity further. In order to enable our winemaker to produce our exciting array of blends and single varietal wines, the farm has planted a wide variety of different cultivars.

Anticipating Your Visit

We at Ridgeback Wines look forward to welcoming you, or indeed, welcoming you back, to this beautiful location that we call home. We are committed to providing you with an experience that is richly satisfying. We appreciate your visit of our website, and look forward to seeing you in person soon!